A new way of use your mobile phone

What is Extender Concept?

Extender is not an app, it is a concept.
It is a new approach on use your mobile phone , using it as a tool , between people, for sharing content.
A lot of people have nowadays one smartphone, but it is used as a personal tool, also in such situation where the phone itself it is shared with others for show information.

Have you ever show your phone's screen to a friend for let him see some information?

Real Examples

The Case

Try to think about the operation of searching a place on a map with a smartphone…
2 or more persons are searching a place on googlemaps with their own phone.
Surely, they can make the search in an indipendent way , everyone, alone with their own smartphone.
Or they can watch all together on the same phone.
Or they can leave the search on the map to one person of the group, while the others wait the result.
Or ..there is also a new one possibility
They can share the resource of every phone for extends the basis functionality an obtain something new and unique.
For example:

  • using the screen of everyphone, for show everything like one big screen! (see the demo below)
  • letting the others to see the state of our research on their own phone, showing them the result of our search.
  • using the other phone as secondary screen on which put other information like point of interest.

From personal use, to shared use

Starting to see the phone as a tool of sharing resource, we can improve its potential, where the phone become a component ofa bigger system.
Sharing the resoruce for the same scope.

Where ?

The application of this concept could be differents in apps like programs and in games also.

Games: Chess game example

A chess games 1 vs 1, could be played, showing half part of the board on a phone e the other half on the second phone.
If you think about it..it is like a real situation where you use only 1 board instead of have 2 separate board.

Normal View With Extender Concept
NexusOneStatgame1.jpg NexusOneStatgame2.jpg

Another possibility could be to see the game on the same phone and use the second phone for keep point, or list the lost checkers.


In a meeting , some manager of the same company, could share their phone for consult together more easier their own statistics and information.

Normal View With Extender Concept
NexusOneStat1.jpg NexusOneDoubleview.jpg


The limitations are presents , because phone are different with different OS, screen, resolution, processors, memory.. but this is a secondary problem, because hardware and system evolvs with tecnology.
If the software is good, hardware will follow.

Not Only 2

The maps demo, use only 2 terminal but it can be written for use more phone.
It could have all the globe on more phone's screen.. but this is not the important thing.. the important thing is the concept!


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Who am I?

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